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The Flame at the York Theatre Sept 27th - Sep 16, 2017

Sarah Wheeler and Hannah Epperson are the musical guests for the Flame storytelling show at the York Theatre on Wed Sept 27th. 639 Commercial Drive 7pm. See shows for details!

New Bitch Tapes compilation to feature a song by Sarah Wheeler! - Sep 16, 2017

The upcoming Bitch Tapes cassette compilation will feature a new unreleased song by Sarah Wheeler entitled I Will Never Stop Loving You. There will be a release show, more details to follow!

Sarah Wheeler feature interview in MC Musician Magazine! - Sep 16, 2017

Thank you to writer and musician Joy Mullen for interviewing Sarah for this article in BC Musician Magazine! It also features Noah Walker (musician). Check it out here...

Aim For The Roses on iTunes - Sep 16, 2017

Sarah Wheeler is featured in Aim For The Roses, a documentary about the making of the album by the same name written by Mark Haney. The film is directed by John Bolton. Watch it on iTunes!

Guest on Morgan Brayton and Other People on OUT TV Feb 28 - Sep 16, 2017

Thank you to Morgan Brayton for having me as a guest on her show on Out TV called Morgan Brayton and Other People. The topic for the episode is self care.

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The Flame York Theatre Show Sept 27th